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No imitation. No libel. No strut in borrowed plumes.

Our work approves oneself in our products and research results. Often we walk on the edge, go against the stream, and our pathway is thorny. Anyway we believe that our work and activity can bring you some help and joy, and can be a kind of inspiration for you.

Ubi sementem feceris, ita mettes

About us


The nature is our passion. We are engaged in agriculture development in extend of small family farms. Our ecological approach to the nature constitutes a pure relationship between organisms and their environment – with the main obstacle: human activities.

Our team cultivates the hemp since 1998. In 2005 we placed on the market our first products with broad range of hemp active substances; among others we defined the "Hemp Herb" as well as the first hemp cosmetics with content of cannabinoid complex.
The hemp of which we manufacture our products is cultivated on ecological agriculture in the Czech Republic (Jeseníky foothills, Highland), and in Italy. The Hemp Herb for our production we cultivate ourselves spending more than two months on fields to supervise personally both harvest and processing. This is the quality cornerstone of our products.

All other components originate from controlled production of our partners – i.e. we know of which olive grove originates the olive oil we use. Basically we do not use hemp seed or hemp seed oil produced in China. We know personally all the manufacturer of essential oils and other active substances and take part on both development and applications of new extracting methods with them. In our production we prefer rough materials predominantly of phytogenic origin and we use the packing materials with the smallest environmental footprint.

More about the production

More about the production


The trompetol and CANNABIOS product lines are developed based on thorough analysis of long-standing knowledge and confidence in exceptionally curative effects of herb, above all hemp substances. The original hemp products with cannabinoid complex include a mixture of BIO virgin oil, BIO hemp oil, and BIO extract of hemp herbs. Our products are not animal tested; we use neither synthetic treatment agents, nor dyes, nor conserving substances nor perfumes.

Hemp Herb & Seed grains

Manual hemp harvesting and its environment friendly processing warrant the maximum content of the broad spectrum of active substances which are subject to rigid standards, so the customer gets the high quality products only. The Herb suits for macerates, draughts, appliances, bathes, inhalants, and also for food preparation. We are registered seed grain suppliers. We offer a set of chosen synoecious and dioecious hemp sativa varieties.


Our workplace enables production of small charges of special nourishments, especially with hemp content. In order we offer exclusive production of hemp foods. Directly from our production we can offer hemp cookies, dried tomatoes with peeled hemp seeds in olive oil, or fresh pressed extra virgin hemp oil which gained the first prize in the hemp oil contest (Cannafest 2015).

Research & Development

We support research activities on the field of medicinal herb research. Our partner in this research area is the Crop Products Research Institute, v.v.i. (for projects since 2009) and EXENEX Research Institute, z.ú. In 2015 in collaboration with the Crop Products Research Institute, v.v.i. we conclude the project "Optimization of cultivation conditions for hemp as medicinal herb" within the program "Business support in Moravia-Silesia region, 2014".


26.8.2017 is held in Brixen a festive presentation of local hemp production in the hemp labyrinth. You are all cordially invited.
More information is provided by Soliman Elephant Soliman in the hemp labyrinth

Hemp labyrinth in Brixen



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